Books Published by Barbara & René Stoeltie since 1995

1. Paris Objet Trouvé, London, Thames &Hudson, 1995 (with Herbert Ypma)
2. Paris Flea Market, USA, Stewart,Tabori &Chang, 1995
3. Paris Objet Trouvé, Munich, Knesebeck Verlag, 1996
4. Paris ObjetTrouvé, Paris, Assouline, 1996
5. Irish Georgian, London, Thames and Hudson, 1998 (with Herbert Ypma)
6. Le Style Georgian, Paris, Assouline, 1999
7. Klassisches Irland, Munich, Knesebeck, 1999
8. Rooms to Remember, London, Frances Lincoln, 1998 (will be published soon in paperback under the title Timeless Interiors)
9. Rooms to Remember, Boston, Adams Media Corporation, 1999
10. Raüme mit Patina, Heidelberg, Gerstenberg, 1999
11. From Biedermeier to Bauhaus, London, Frances Lincoln, 1999 (With Sigrid Sangl)
12. Einblicke,Fünf Jahrhunderten Deutsche Interieurkunst, Berlin, Nicolai Verlag, 1999
13. From Biedermeier to Bauhaus, New-York, Harry Abrams, 2000
14. Style by Saladino, London, Frances Lincoln, 2000
15. Style by Saladino, Santa Barbara, The Montecito Press
16. Style by Saladino, Heidelberg, Gerstenberg
17. Romantic Country Houses of France, Cologne, Taschen, 1999
18. Romantic Country Houses of England, Cologne, Taschen, 1999
19. Romantic Country Houses of Mallorca, Cologne, Taschen, 2001
20. Romantic Country Houses of Tuscany, Cologne, Taschen, 2001
21. Tuscany Style an Icon book, Cologne, Taschen, 2003
22. Romantic Country Houses of Holland, Cologne, Taschen, 2000
23. Romantic Country Houses of Sweden, Cologne, Taschen, 2001
24. Sweden Stylean Icon book, Cologne, Taschen, 2005
25. Dutch Touch – Jan des Bouvrie, The Netherlands, V.N.U Press, 1997
26. Style by Jan des Bouvrie, The Netherlands, V.N.U Press, 1999
27. Dutch Touch – Jan des Bouvrie, Germany, Busse Seewald, 1999
28. Dutch View – Jan des Bouvrie, The Netherlands, V.N.U Press, 2001
29. Living in Greece, Cologne, Taschen, 2002
30. Greece Stylean Icon book, Cologne, Taschen, 2003
31. Living in Ireland, Cologne, Taschen, 2002
32. Country Kitchens and Recipes, Cologne, Taschen, 2002
33. Living in Morocco, Cologne, Taschen, 2003
34. Morrocan Style Icon book, Cologne, Taschen, 2005
35. Living in Mexico, Cologne, Taschen, 2004
36. ADIEU RIJKSMUSEUM a memoir commissioned by The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, 2004
37. Mexican Style an Icon book, Cologne, Taschen, 2005
38. Living in the Countryside, Cologne, Taschen, 2004
39. Living in the Countryside – a Taschen 25th Anniversary Book, Cologne, Taschen
40. Living in Provence, Cologne, Taschen, 2005
41. Chez Elles, Paris, Flammarion, 2003
42. De Slaapkamer, Belgium/The Netherlands, TERRA-Lannoo, 2004
43. De Badkamer, Belgium/The Netherlands, TERRA-Lannoo, 2004
44. Adieu Lèves december 2007 – published at the time of the exhibition on the same theme.
45. ART!, s.l., Fonds Mercator, Editions La Martinière, 2008
46. Paper Illusions, s.l., Fonds Mercator, Editions La Martinière, Harry N.Abrams, 2008
47. La Magie de MarrakechMarrakech Interiors, s.l., Fonds Mercator, Editions La Martinière, Thames &Hudson, 2009
48. La Magie de ParisParis Interiors, bold, elegant, refined, s.l., Fonds Mercator, Flammarion/Rizzoli, November 2010 (EU) and February
49. La Magie de New YorkNew York interiors, bold, elegant, refined, s.l., Fonds Mercator, Flammarion/Rizzoli, November 2011(EU) and February 2012 (USA)
50. The Art of the InteriorIntérieurs: de Louis XV à Andrée PutmanDie Kunst der Inneneinrichtung, Flammarion, Dva Dt.Verlags-Anstalt , October 2013 (DE) November 2013 (FR and US version)
51. La Magie de Londres – New London Interiors, bold, elegant, refined, s.l., Fonds Mercator, Flammarion/Rizzoli, December 2013(EU)
52. Maroeska Metz, s.l., Louvre Victoire, 2015
53. Une saison à Tanger, s.l., Louvre Victoire, 2016
54. Living in Morocco, Cologne, Taschen, 2017
55. Living in Mexico (Bibliotheca Universalis),Cologne, Taschen, 2018
56. Living in Tuscany (Bibliotheca Universalis),Cologne, Taschen, 2018
57. Living in Provence (Bibliotheca Universalis),Cologne, Taschen, 2018

In preparation:

Dorothéa de La Houssaye’s Château Style

Ballets Russes, a tribute in paper by Isabelle de Borchgrave

La Magie de Bruxelles – Brussels Interiors, bold, elegant, refined – TWINZ!

Barbara and René Stoeltie collaborated on books by Conran Octopus and De Telegraaf – The Netherlands (“Résidence Stijlboek”) and many other reference books. They have contributed to magazines such as The World of Interiors – House and Garden, Vogue, Elle, Country Living, La Maison de Marie Claire, Country Homes & Interiors, etc.